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• 9/30/2018

Editing Rules

So, uh, could we edit the editing rules? 500 pages before you CON make a page about a topic? :P

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• 9/13/2018


So, uh, I've noticed a couple users have their EBA nominations/awards mentioned, should we add in all the 2017 EBAs to the user pages? And if so, just awards, or nominations as well?
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• 8/25/2018


Yo, is this Tuvok's page:

If so, do I have permission to edit it? He's Khan Noonian Singh on the LMBEs, now, right? I'm pretty CONfused. :P
DarkTuvy the Conqueror
DarkTuvy the Conqueror Lego Message Boards Eternal Wiki
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• 5/16/2018

Good joke, guys, real funny...

Now, i need answers, have the admins and mods notifyed any of you about this back on the LMBE’s? Honestly, i dont care if i have been banned, i can get right back up. I made my mark, my controversial mark, I may be down, but im not out. Oh-ho im so not! One little ban is gonna stop me? Naw, it aint. This just only gives me strength and the will to fight on. If i ever come back, that is... but whatever the case may be, I do need a break tho. Who know, i may end up different, i may end up not coming back at all, but all of you knew who was controversially the best and worst in the LMBE’s! Mark. My. Words.
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• 3/5/2018

Lego Super Heroes Universe Wiki?

Me, Ciar08, DrakeCaHISHE13, and abbie created a story universe. I can't seem to find the wiki (the closest find being Project SHaRP). Someone please help!
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• 2/22/2018

LMB Discord Server

In the late summer of last year I made a Discord server to replace the LMBs. This is a different format then LMBE because it is moderated live by bots and the staff, for live chat. We now have a full staff and 80ish members and are expanding every day. We follow the same rules as the LMBs. As of right now we are not officially affiliated with LMBE, but these two communities are able to each mix together, each platform bringing somehting completely different to the table. We invite you to join the fun, and follow this link. (Having a Discord account is required of course :P )

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• 12/26/2017

im here bois

I’m here. Ta da!
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• 8/30/2017


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