The LMBE April Fools' Day Prank 2018 was an event when the staff announced that they were rebranding LMB Eternal as "Mega Bloks Message Boards" in order to shift away from LEGO due to a supposed decline in popularity. A "Resistance" was formed to fight against this supposed change.

It was popular with most users, such as Ultra and Ciar08. Other users, such as Essa did not like the supposed fracture in the community and some things said during the Prank.


On April 1st, the staff released a new Theme for April Fools' Day, entitled "Mega Bloks". It had the LMBE logo plastered over by the Mega Bloks logo and images of LEGO replaced with images of Mega Bloks.

Sam8432 made the topic "Announcing Mega Bloks Eternal". He stated that due to the LEGO Message Boards and Galleries closing, the decline in online LEGO communities, and LEGO’s 8% decline in profit, they had decided to refocus the site towards Mega Bloks, and rebrand it to "Mega Bloks Message Boards (MBMB)". This change was met with mixed responses from users. The staff claimed that all changes would be effective on April 14th. (Mentioning of the title change however, ended after Metaknightfan4 counteracted Sam8432's claim that title changes took a long time by bringing up the speed of the Proboards system.) This caused RuleJJ to announce his retirement on April 14th.

Later, Shamrock7203 advertised, in several topics popular on the boards, a topic where he claimed that the change was caused by a secret society of Mega Bloks fanatics stylising themselves as the "Mega Bloks Grand Invasion Force", who had infiltrated and taken control of the LMBE administration as well as others (he also stated that Helios, LMBE’s Head Of Administration, was a member) and were using LMBE as a test of their plan to convert all online LEGO communities to Mega Bloks.

He also claimed that the entire Staff Team were converted to Mega Bloks, and Shamrock had been removed from his position due to his protests. He encouraged users to fight against this change. Users, such as Ciar08 and Ultra rallyed users to form an underground Resistance movement via hidden Jammers, using the hashtag "#jointheresistance". They were joined by users such as Alayna151 and Jonmbost.

The message from Shamrock was soon deleted by Torahvision, but was reposted by Shamrock. Several undercover Resistance members changed their Display Names to "support" the new regime, while secretly supporting the Resistance. Ciar08 publically declared support for the Resistance, moving to more open messages supporting the movement.

Eventually, Sam8432 ended the Prank with an "APRIL FOOLS!!!". RuleJJ announced he wasn’t retiring, and the Resistance disbanded.


To be written.