Helios is a user on the LEGO Message Boards Eternal, and was the 27th user to join. He joined on January 5, 2017, and is currently a Roman Soldier with 213 posts, 10 friends, and is following 15 users. His username on the original LEGO Message Boards was Helios7719. Helios was one of the founders of LMBE. He set up the private staff chat, but was later often less active than other staff due to circumstances beyond his control. He was among the staff fired by Astrokid12 in summer of 2017. He was hired back by Shamrock7203 in Autumn 2017, and became Head Admin in January 2018.

Return to LMBE Staff

After Shamrock become Head Administrator, he invited Helios back to the staff. Helios was inactive and did not respond until 28th November 2017, at which point Shamrock made him an Eternal Moderator. Due to the merging of Eternal Moderator with Eternal Designer, he held the position of Eternal Staff. He has since become Head Admin.

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