Jonmbost is a user on LMBE. He joined on September 26, 2017. He currently has enough posts for Royal Guard, with 15,287 posts. He is following 14 members and has 13 friends. He is the Roleplay Representative for the Ninjago Roleplay. He was primarily active in the Community Chat Forum, posting mostly in Finding Friendships, but was also active on the Ninjago Stories Sub-forum.

The LEGO Message Boards

Jonmbost joined the original LEGO Message Boards on March 4, 2016. He had the rank of Conquistador, 2,540 posts, and 2,538 likes received.


  • With 15,287 posts, he has enough posts for the old LMBs rank "Maniac."
  • He was the first user to receive ranks Jester and Royal Guard. 

Eternal Brick Awards

  • Winner of "Most Awesome Roleplay Rep" 2018 EBAs


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