MockingbirdInc is a user on the LEGO Message Boards Eternal. He joined on April 11, 2017. He joined the original boards on January 17, 2016, but posted for a few months earlier on a different account called wboxer15. He is currently an Conquistador, and has over 11,405 posts. He is following 13 members and has 11 friends. He most frequently posts in Community Chat.

He is the author of a completed Ninjago Fan-Fiction called "The Young Warrior" and is co-writing a collab called "Little Agent's Big Adventure" with Ultra.

LEGO Message Boards

Mock, with the full username MockingbirdInc, was an Aztec Warrior who joined the original LEGO Message Boards on January 17th, 2016. He had received 3,228 likes and made 2,199 posts, becoming more active near the ending of the boards.

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