Shamrock7203 is a Senior Staff member who joined LEGO Message Boards Eternal on January 6th, 2017 as the 26th user. He currently has 6,599 posts and would have Rank 12, Ninja, if he wasn't currently on the Staff Team. He has 21 friends, and he is following 24 members.

Administrative Positions

Astrokid12 Administration

After the coup staged by Astrokid12, he was made an Eternal Moderator and helped run the site as part of the Astro Administration, though he disagreed with several of Astro's actions and policies.

Later, he was elected Roleplay Coordinator by the Administrative Team, giving him the authority to create new roleplays and preside over the running of existing ones.

On August 12, 2017, he won the vote for administrator after Astrokid12 announced his retirement a few days before. He was thus appointed the head administrator of LMBE.

Shamrock Administration

After winning the vote, Shamrock made various changes to LMBE. These included inviting Helios, Keplers, Marshal Cody and Impulse back to the staff team. He also made the decision to make guests log in before posting, as guests were committing multiple offences.

After making several executive decisions, including the temporary removal of a staff member and appointing two controversial users—Tweed and yjflordofbio123—for a probationary period, the staff convinced him to step down from the position of head administrator.

Joint Administration

After his forced resignation, Shamrock remained a voting member of the Eternal Staff.

Second Shamrock Administration

Shamrock took back control of the administrative account as the Joint Administration was against ProBoards terms of service.

Helios Administration

On January 23, 2018, due to a recent staff vote, Helios assumed the title and authority of Head of Administration, and was given control of the main administrative account. He was also demoted to Moderator. He also lost his position as Roleplay Coordinator, as the position was dissolved and its duties given to the Eternal Staff.

Eternal Brick Awards

  • Winner of "Most Awesome Staff Member" 2017 EBAs


  • He was granted Moderator status on the 12th of March 2017, at around 2 A.M GMT.
  • He was not among the members of staff fired by Astrokid12's administration.
  • He ran for Head Administrator after Astrokid12's retirement, and won.
  • His rank was changed to Eternal Staff during the merging of Eternal Moderator and Eternal Designer.
  • He stepped down as Head Administrator for a brief period, though he remained Roleplay Coordinator and Eternal Staff.
  • He is an active member of the Legends of Chima Roleplay, where he happens to serve as an FAC member.
  • After he was voted out of office by the staff, he was demoted to Moderator.
  • He is no longer Roleplay Coordinator, as the position was dissolved.
  • He has since been reinstated as a member of Senior Staff.

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